We keep members up to date on messages from our Principal, school events, special dates, opportunities, changes to the website, and the accomplishments of our students. 


When will I receive the Newsletter?

  • Newsletters are sent out weekly on Sundays.

How do I receive the Newsletter?

  • All paid PTSA members will receive the newsletter from the time they become a member until June 30.
  • All families who are on free and reduced lunch may receive our newsletter for FREE!  Please send a request to our membership chair so you may be added.

I missed last week's newsletter, how can I see it?

  • If you are a PTSA member, you can read our past newsletters here.
  • If you are not a PTSA member, you can renew or join here.

How can I include information in the Newsletter?

  • Fill out this form to let us know any information you would like to see added in our next newsletter.
  • Do you have information you would like included in the weekly PTSA Newsletter?
  • We ask all Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff, Clubs, and Teams to submit important information about upcoming events and achievements.  Help us to help you share this information with the Boca High community.
  • Forward requests and information to by Thursdays at 5:00 PM for inclusion in the weekend newsletter.  Requests received after this time may not be included. 
  • All information provided is subject to approval and editing by the PTSA Board. 


Newsletter Chair

Nikki Alvarez




Updated: 08/15/2022


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