Each year the PTSA sponsors various Teacher & Staff Appreciation events.  We love and appreciate every one of the administration, teachers, and staff and make sure to not only tell them but show just how much they mean to us.


The following are the annual teacher & Staff Appreciation events planned for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • August 5, 2021 - Back to School Event
  • August 26, 2021 - Coffee & Donuts
  • December 16, 2021 - Holiday Breakfast
  • Teacher's Appreciation Week - May 2-6, 2022

Holiday Breakfast - December 16, 2021


Welcome Back - August 2021


Our PTSA welcomed our teacher's during their back-to-school planning week.  We were excited about being able to be back on campus in person and presented them with a little Welcome Back bag as well as other goodies.  We are also incredibly grateful to the Staples in Boynton Beach whose incredible donations helped make our welcome back to campus extra special for our teachers.


Coffee and donuts - August 2021



Our PTSA provided a gourmet coffee cart, donuts, other treats and school supplies to teachers and staff on Thursday, August 26, 2021.  A special thank you to Dunkin' Donuts (6919 SW 18th St., Boca Raton) for filling our last minute order and to Staples (Boynton Beach) for donation of special teacher box giveaways.






Our PTSA was happy to FINALLY get back on campus and treat our teachers to a coffee cart, some yummy snacks, and a mini succulent. This year "SUCC"d for our teachers (along with the parents and students). It was one last hoorah as we send them off to their summer break.


We would like to thank both The Home Depot (East Delray Beach) and Lowe's (West Boca) for their succulent donations and for helping us to celebrate our teachers. We look forward to the summer break and to seeing you next year!


We love and appreciate all of our teachers and staff of Boca High and were able to celebrate them during Teacher's Appreciation Week. Although we know it has been a challenging year for the students, our teachers have had it equally as hard.  We are glad to have had the opportunity to give a small token of our esteem to brighten their week and let them know that we care. We could not have done this without the generous donations from our PTSA family.  Thank you all.


Holiday Breakfast - 2020


On Thursday, December 17th, the PTSA was able to provide our teachers and staff with a "Holiday Breakfast with a little Vitamin Sea" before they headed out for the holiday break.

We could not have done this without:

  • Diana Castro, our Teacher's Appreciation Chair
  • Diana's incredible husband, Brian Herbert
  • All of the PTSA member volunteers who generously donated items for the contents of the breakfast box
  • The volunteers who helped collect the items
  • The volunteers who assembled the boxes
  • The volunteers who set up and distributed the boxes to our staff and teachers

This event would not have been possible without ALL of you.



Teacher and staff appreciation week is May 4-8, 2020.  As we are quarantined and incapable of celebrating the way we normally do, we had to come up with alternate ways of celebrating our teachers and staff.

We will be posting"Cinco de Mayo" themed-videos here, our Boca High PTSA Facebook page, and our Instagram page.


TEACHERS....take a look at this page for some discounts and freebies.


Don't forget to show and share YOUR appreciation by posting your own picture, video, recipe, or message on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @BocaHighPTSA.


May 4th - Quatro de Mayo

Teachers & Staff, we appreciate you! - Maestros y personal, ¡los apreciamos!


May 6th - Siete de Mayo

Hola teachers and staff...we are wishing you a happy Wednesday! Gracias! It's time for a musical interlude to celebrate you and your hard work. Make sure to watch all the way through so you can get "prepped" for Friday's edition of TACO NIGHT!


May 8th - Ocho de Mayo

Es el fin de la semana (it's the end of the week) and it is time for TACO NIGHT!


On Tuesday, August 27, the Boca High PTSA hosted a Back-to-School Breakfast for teachers and staff. Everyone loved the fresh-baked Dandee Donuts and the Starbucks Coffee (donated by the store at 5250 Town Center Circle) - complete with Pumpkin Spice creamer! Special thanks to our amazing volunteers, and to the Alwine Family for donating a fantastic assortment of classroom supplies. 


We sent our teachers off on a positive note before Winter Break with a Cozy Holiday Breakfast on December 17, 2019.  We would like to thank the following parent volunteers who have graciously donated their time, food, and drink to this event:

  • Stacy Brookman
  • Elissa Crow
  • Tondie Deutsch
  • Patricia Elie
  • Rachel Fallet-Lax
  • Kathleen Fernandes
  • Brenda Garbinski
  • Beth Hartigan
  • Karas Hutchison
  • Alicia Kimberly
  • Lisa Kubenez
  • Sharon Lubin
  • Lizette Martinez
  • Ricardo Miura
  • Terie McHale
  • Nicole Pachter
  • Christine Pfeffer
  • Rachelle Saint-Louis
  • Cheryl Scarpa
  • Kari Soltys
  • Eva Sparthan-Collins


Teacher and staff appreciation week was celebrated on May 6-10, 2019.  We had a variety of events to show our dedicated Teachers and Faculty how much we appreciate them.


May 6th we treated the teachers and staff to a fruit stand, yogurt bar along with healthy grab-and-go snacks.

May 8th was a mix of savory and sweet with a trail mix bar and sweet treats.

May 10th we hosted our annual catered luncheon from Mississippi Sweets.  Additionally, we had a raffle for our teachers.


We would like to thank both Greenwise Publix (on St. Andrews in Boca Village Square) and Whole Foods (in College Commons) for their donations in helping us to give the Teachers and Staff the appreciation they deserve!  

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Chair

Diana Castro

Feel free to contact our Teacher & Staff Appreciation Chair by sending an email


Updated: 9/2/2021




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